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An Indian restaurant in Hanover.


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Food came 35 minutes early! Yay! Overall, it was tasty. Could had been hotter, temperature wise. I'm only 3 miles from the restaurant and my food wasn't as hot as I would have liked. I ordered the "Rangeeli Naan". For the price ($4), I expected more than one piece and with more filling. The "Gosht Vindaloo" was not the best I've had. I ordered it "very spicy", and it was, but it was a little bland. However, it was still flavorful and a good portion size. The "Murgh Tikka Masala" was flavorful, but it had WAY too many onions. It was super spicy (as I ordered it), and it was still full of flavor. I also ordered the "Vegetable Samosas" and they were really tasty. They must have been sitting for a while, though, because they were a little soft.

Good Samosas
Good Rangeeli Naan
Super fast
Easy to order
Many choices

Underseasoned Gosht Vindaloo
Small portion of Rangeeli Naan


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I have eaten Indian food from a lot of places. This is a result of living with someone who was married to an Indian man and had also been to India have a dozen times. This is some of the most authentic and flavorful food Ive ever had and not just Indian. The delivery was fast the food was still piping hot. The driver was really courteous and assured me that I had everything I needed to enjoy my meal. This is some of the best delivery food of any kind Ive ever had!


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It's unusual to find a restaurant that makes gourmet food and also delivers; Rangoli does both. It means a lot that dishes can be customized according to your taste. You can order them as Spicy, Medium or Mild. That works well for us because I love spicy food and my husband prefers mild spiciness. It always works out. Great breads too; overall gourmet quality :)


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The food was within the window, but everything was piping hot and fresh - including the naan. The dishes were quite tasty and spicy, and both of the chicken dishes and the veggies tasted fresh. We'll definitely be ordering from them again!


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The lamb vindaloo was the best I've ever had and their extra spicy is actually extra spicy and soooo good. The garlic naan was amazing too. You can tell they pay attention to the little things.

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1 review
The food was really good. Made with fresh high quality ingredients.


1 review
Very nice...food was delicious!


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Always good food.

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Rangoli is a traditional decorative folk art of India. These are decorative designs made on floors of living rooms and courtyards during Hindu festivals and are meant as sacred welcoming areas for the Hindu deities. Rangoli is a symbol of religious and cultural beliefs. It is considered an important part of the spiritual process.